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Hyper Cuttle


Blue Ring
Nov 8, 2004
hi everyone,
people who have read my post under journal and photos would know that I recently got a new cuttle and has been feeding already. but today after it has eaten for bout 15-30 mins or so it started swimming all over the tank almost non stop, I am worried that it may get too tired but doing this and idea why is my cuttle doing this??? Thanks! :biggrin2:
I've seen this in alot of my cuttles where they become hyperactive for some time, it doesn't seem to have any ill effects at all, excersise perhaps?
wow that was fast joel! lol

my new species name title thing on tonmo "Haliphron atlanticus" is cool but i think i got jipped! it only has 7 arms apparently!
i suppose it could be exercize! i hadnt thought of that

unless... there wasnt a quick light change or anything - is it 'scared' swimming or 'curious' swimming... lol i never thought i would investigate different swimming moods of cephs!!!
hmm ok thanks I think it is exercising cos I don think it got frightened cos the light was already on for some time and it would eat too if I try feeding it.
Maybe he's just having fun.....Ya know... being weriod....Some of my octos used to do really weriod things just because they could!!! Ink used to jet from one end of the tank to the other!

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