Sep 8, 2006
Hi, I'm Dale, and I reside in Fort Worth, Texas. I'm a member of DFWMAS and I've been in the aquarium hobby for about 4 years now. I've only been keeping SW tanks for a year, but between my girlfriend and I, we have 4 tanks set up.

30 gallon w/ Green Spotted Puffer "Miyake" and "Freshwater" Moray Eel.
30 gallon w/ 2 Pajama Cardinals and "Major", our unidentified species Seahorse.
60 gallon hex w/ 3 Erectus Seahorses, 1 Dusky Jawfish, and soft corals/zoos.
75 gallon Reef w/ tiny Fuzzy Dwarf "Zeke", Pink Skunk Clown, Neon Goby, Citron Goby, Bicolor Blenny, and a few LPS and soft corals. I'm trying to round up the Gobies so I can put them in the seahorse tank so they don't end up being munched and so I can have a small Angler in there.

I have been lurking about this site from time to time for almost a year. Right before I started messing with saltwater tanks, a friend of mine mentioned keeping octopus and I honestly had no idea they were available for the common hobbyist. After a little research on the good ol' world wide web, I came across this site and watched some of the videos and WOW! I'm sold. I told him I'd have to earn some confidence in my own ability to keep a saltwater tank, and here I am. I'm looking for a small breed of Octopus. Joudini or Bimac, as I have a 50 gallon tank that's all sealed up, set up sorta like a Nanocube. The skimmer, filter, etc. is all closed in and contained inside the back of the tank. The top if the tank is a small rectangular hole and the lid actually screws onto the top and holds an 18 inch fluorescent bulb. From what I gather, it's like it was made for Octopus.

My girlfriend is interested in keeping Cuttlefish as well. I have an empty 100 gallon I'd love to put some Sepia Bandensis in and try to accomplish some breeding so as to boost the availability to other hobbyists.

Well, that's where I stand as of right now in the whole Ceph addiction. Kind of like a virgin, tired of hearing about it, and wanting to experience it for myself! :sagrin:

Anyway, wish I'd registered a long time ago but it never seemed like a possibillity until now so I discouraged myself from getting too excited. My girlfriend says I'm obsessed. I'm not alone obviously!
Hi Dale, welcome to the forums.

You have a lot of experience and I think you'll make a great ceph-keeper!

The self-contained setups are a very convenient and tempting way to keep a ceph, but one thing to consider is that sometimes these systems aren't very high quality. Cephs grow big and create lots of waste and in many cases I wouldn't trust an integrated filter/skimmer to keep up. I don't know any details about your system so I can't make any recommendations, but it is something to think about. Most TONMO'ers run external wet/dry or canister filters and protein skimmers in an under-tank sump, then just use window screen and duct tape creatively to make it safe.

Also, the limited longevity of cephalopods means that if you are also interested in cuttlefish you don't need to set up two tanks, but rather alternate what you have in it. At this point next year my cuttles will probably be in that big aquarium in the sky, at which point we'll likely try an octopus.

Good luck!

Welcome! You've found the right place! They are addicting, but a very healthy addiction! And I love Dusky Jawfish. How big is yours? I had one that had to be a good 6". He ruled the tank!

WhiteKiboko;79024 said:

just wondering..... are you an adam baldwin fan, or did you simply love full metal jacket?

Hahaha, I am a fan of the movie. Actually I got the nickname by a friend though when I worked at an animal shelter and brought home orphaned wildlife to take care of until wildlife rehab could come get them.

Our Dusky Jawfish is still pretty tiny, about 3 inches. Although he seems like he only has a head because he's so dang fast when he eats!

I'll post some tank pics when I have more time. Thanks everyone.
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