Howdy ya'll

Jun 29, 2007
Im really glad i have found this community, I have been to numerous aquarium stores (im located in houston,TX) and most of the staff seem to have no information at all about keeping an octopus other than "its extremely hard and expensive and they can die easily." I am really excited to have found a resource like this one. I do not have much experience with aquariums, but my best friend has a fresh water tank that kinda got me interested. I am fascinated by Octopi (sp?) I just wanted to introduce myself- I plan on being fairly active on the forums because i still have a lot of questions and answers before one of these beings is in my room and happy. Thanks! I cant wait.

There is a wealth of information about the requirements up in the "ceph care articles" section (the upper left of the navigation bar at the top) -- that's the best place to start reading. It's generally thought to be a good idea to proceed slowly and get the hang of maintaining a saltwater tank well before getting a ceph, because they tend to be very hard to keep healthy compared to some other marine organisms... this and other (less ceph-specific) web sites can help a lot with the learning process, but it still has to happen. I don't mean to be discouraging, of course, just to let you know that you need enough enthusiasm to put some serious effort in!
Hi infinitenticals! Welcome, go grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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