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How to cope?


May 12, 2007

This is my first post. I found this site through the Tropical Fish Hobbyist: Cephalopod issue. I've never had a Saltwater tank before, but starting a Pico Reef now. However, my question is this; Due to the short life spans of your octos', how do you cope with the loss? I get extremely attached to my animals, and if it were to pass away in such a short time, I don't know what to do. I know a Ceph isn't the best for a first timer, but I want to do as much research as possible, because after I move, I'll be starting a 75gal Reef, and will want to try a Cephy. I love animals that show intelligence, and of all the aquatic animals, Octo's seem to show the most intelligence of all the animals I've kept. I look forward to getting started and appreciated any info you could provide.
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

The question you ask is a good one. You do become very attached to cephs, maybe especially ocotpuses because they interact with you the most. They're fun to keep, so we think it's worth the sadness at the end of a short life.

Many of our octo keepers plan to have an octopus around most of the time, so when one passes, they go on to another. Carol, corw314, usually has two octo tanks at once. This is one way of guaranteeing that you'll always have an octopus around.

Many deceased octopus receive some sort of burial, or are carried back to the ocean.

welcome keebler.
It's funny, I just found out that my newly aquired octo is at the end of her life span.
How you ask?
Well, I was getting ready to put her into a bigger tank, and there were these beautifull strings of eggs hanging from the inside cave of a rock.
And even though she is only a few weeks with me, and have seen nothing more than some tenticles and den building, she completely captured my heart.
The only solace is that I know she has a good home towards the end and that I have learned alot from this girl.
I look foward to coming across another even as this one is getting ready to leave. :)

As a first time keeper, I have been delighted that Trapper's spawn has survived for 8 weeks (she is also still alive but I expect to loose her this week). I have had her since late December and been able to observe her entire brooding process. I am dreading the end but the new little guys help to internalize the life cycle.

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