How To Catch a Bimac


Nov 8, 2003
I didn't know where else to put this, but at the aquarium I volunteer at, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, the Octo on display has died, with an armspan nearly three feet :shock:. Anyway, a donation of a new one is unlikely, so we'll have to do some fishin' and my question is: Does anyone know how to catch a Bimaculoides? I mean, tips, traps, equipment, any type of suggestions of any tools of the trade would be helpful.

Thanx in advance!

From an earlier and unrelated thread:

Jean said:
... That's how we catch Octis for the aquarium (well a version of it ) we use a baited craypot (like a crab pot only bigger!) we put a few live crabs in, deploy near a rocky outcrop, go away and when we come back hey presto one octi ! They are not willing to leave it either!...
Hmm, DR. Idso's thread might work, except for thata was in Mexico, and I'm in California, but the thing Jean wrote just might work, so thanks, I'll print it up and show it to the guys at CMA, see what they think!
I've read recently (maybe even a link from about a study of octopuses that crawled into pots and were captured - it seemed that females crawled into the pots much more than males did. Does this explain why Ollie and Ink are both female? :smile:

Interesting, sort of like when they did a study with preschoolers, about the intelligence of the smartest Octos, and gave them a set of blocks. The boys built cars and trucks, while the girls built shelters, interesting, no? It's like females of most species are fixated on forming and maintainig a home. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.........................:sly:.

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