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How Much and How Often

Dec 4, 2008
Hi I have had my bimac now for about a month. I started about a week ago feeding him thawed frozen shrimp. I feed him about 1/2 his mantle size for thawed shrimp. But I cant tell when he comes out if he is hungry or is just coming out. Is the 1/2 the mantle size a correct feeding amount? Oya his mantle is about 3 inches. If I keep this amount of shrimp up will it keep him from going hungry? Also is there any way I can tell when he is just coming out or hunting. My main question is how much and how often should if feed him?



Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
The advice we usually give here is that you'l have to experiment a bit. If you offer a slightly larger piece, will be be completely eaten? If so, you could go with that size and if not, cut back to the smaller size. You'll be increasing the food with growth, of course.