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How do you keep him in the tank?

Good old Duck Tape!!! Miracle item!!! Used for many many things! I have used it on my octopus tanks for years with no ill effects and never an escapee!
Yes, quite a few of us use duct tape. It doesn't hold underwater and if you're using it in really damp conditions, better check it frequently. I keep a role of black duct tape beside the tank so it can be changed out easily. Also, when I had my bimac, I kept a heavy brick on the tank cover as well.

Bricks are good!....There are many and varied ways to try (yes I said try) to keep an octi in the tank......duct tape, bricks, wet silicon, astroturf etc etc, but I think the best is a combination of bricks, duct tape and eternal vigilance!

My little guy shows no interest in escaping. I have never seen him above the top half of the tank. I have live rock stacked bottom to top in the tank so maybe there are enough places to explore. I have artificial turf around the sides of the canopy and leave the top open on the tank. As my guy grows larger I am sure I will have to take further steps to keep him in..

I am currently working on my tank top and making it octo proof.

I'll let you know how i get on and post some pics.

Perspex, perspex, perspex

i also wanna make some open bit on the top to enhance my gas exchange ( water only few mm off top of tank glass screen and minimal ventilation to sump) so tryin to avoid many difficulties in a major swoop!!!

also my inflow drops through this screen.......hhhhmmmm

thats complete jibberish what ive just wrote but am workin on it!!!!!
also a comment/question i have on duct tape....

well i suppose peoples tanks are configured in different manners but picture this....

you have the top of your tank with water, then you have the lid of some sort and the holes are taped up with duct tape...yeah brilliant...

but what about your light(s)???

even thou you only require low light, you have a least one (white) light, then possibly a second (blue) light.

so im fascinated how people managed to make it safe and stop water being splashed onto the bulbs, risking them blowing. With an octopus stickin its arms out the water surley this is a significant risk :?: :?: :?:

or do people not view this as a risk????

cheers in advance

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