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How do I tell what kind of cuttlefish I have?

Feb 25, 2003
I've read alot of info about cuttles, but nothing to let me know for sure
what type I have.

I have it down to either a sepia bandensis, or sepia.o.
I picked it up from the LFS, and they weren't sure what type.
I forgot to ask where the recieved it from.

The cuttle has a 1.5" long mantle, and is in a 37 gal. for now.
It's eating like a pig, but a little skiddish for now.

Basicly, I just want to know if he has 1 month left,
or should I plan to set-up to 200 gal. that's in my basment.

unfortunatly, I don't have a camera to take a picture.
Its most likely an officinalis as they're being captive bred by octopets at the moment. What does it look like? If it has a normal 'w' eye, its an officinalis, if its a 'w' wih two extra coverings? its a bandensis. Sorry for the vague description, its pretty hard to explain.... Look at the cuttlefish article in this forum, pictures of bot bandensis and officinalis are there.

I think it has only a normal W eye, I didn't see any coverings.

I tried to identify thru any pictures, but they are all
titled "cuttlefishfour" or even less vague than that.
It is really difficult to tell them apart

but there is a really good site which has specifics which you select - hooks on tentacles etc and it tells you what it is!!

go to google type in cuttlefish it is an aussie site got to links and there is a link there

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