Apr 8, 2004
HMS (hire my sub) Nautilus which I rescued from dry dock on the River Loing, having been abandoned after D-day has just had it's refurb completed & is ready for duty whether you're after Architeuthis or just fancy laying a few limpet mines for a giggle.
Rates are very reasonable & you get a free bag of Belemnite guards thrown in !
Just PM me with your bank details.




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Cool, but where do you store the torpedoes ???? And the mines??? And the 40mm Bofors???? Heck...ah well, does it have a ram in the front???

p.s. the Llama is a quadraped...with webbed feet for swimming.
You know, I saw a very odd looking black and silver vessel being towed by a truck on the freeway the other day, it looked like a minibub, with a large dome-shaped front window and what looked like a spoiler on the back.
I've always fancied the idea of a submersible houseboat. Imagine a five-star variant on the Ben Franklin, functioning vaguely like an underwater Zeppelin, outfitted for a several-week vacation, just drifting with a strong current like the Gulf Stream. They saw amazing wildlife from the portholes on the Ben Franklin because it made no noise. It could go up or down two thousand feet, but other than small directional motors it just hitched a ride on the current. I wonder about the practicality of a pipe organ, however.

On the other hand, a really powerful engine and a Nemo-approved ram would be pretty fun, too.
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