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Nov 2, 2003
Hello, I've been a bit of a lurker around your forums for a while, and while I don't have a pet cephlaopd, I do like them, and I am pleased to see that the members of this forum really love and take excellent care of the animals in their charge. 8) I particularly like Ink (he's really handsome) and the story about the iguana that put its tail in the tank. :lol: I personally would be heartbroken to have an pet that only lasted a year, but maybe one day I will get one, although I've never kept a saltwater tank, and they are notoriously difficult and expensive if you live as far inland as I do. Maybe one day though. 8)

Anyway, the reason I created an account finally is to share with you a funny story from Halloween, that I thought you might like.

I was at school and I had forgotten that the school's halloween party was starting straight after class at 5 pm! :shock: So I got an idea and over lunch I went town to the closest dollar store and bought scissors and tape and rubber bands and plastic garbage bags and got busy. I thought the result was pretty funny, even though no one got it and I had to explain to every one what I was! But I thought you all might like it too:

click here

:jester: A squid! Well *I* got a kick out it anyway! 8)

Anyway, nice to meet ya all! You can call me Archie for short if you like. 8) (and yes, I know I use too many smilies) :oops: 8)
Hello! Thanks for the compliment on the art and the costume! I think I must have thought of it cause I must have subliminally rememberd the part of exibit at the Smithsonian where they were talking about squid clothing: click here, which is a funny little thing on the wall that is part of their architeuthis exibit. :mrgreen:

Here's another cool thing from it, a squid's BEAK Click here :shock: That was very big but I don't think it was Architeuthis, but one of the smaller of that type. (Is there a Megateuthis? Something like that?)

Anyhoo, I'm very addicted to my digital camera, and take lots of photos with it. :biggrin2:

Maybe I'll upload some drawings I did of cephlapods for you all 8)

edit: oh yeah, I've lurked on and off for a month or two I guess, but I have some other forums I belong to and a BIG computer game forum that I moderate, so I don't get off my beaten path too often, but here I finally am! 8)
tonmo said:
Welcome to TONMO.com!!

Kudos on the great costume... Looks like you've come to the right place!

:squid: :thumbsup:

Hello, thank you! Hey, if anyone likes any of my photos and stuff, I will be happy to avatar size them and let people use them. :smile:
Melissa said:
Welcome to TONMO! Please do avatar-ize your work - I'd try it!


Hi, nice to meet you! I won't do all my stuff cause that would take months, so I selected some appropriate ones and if you have any requests let me know. :smile: I'm assuming that since I am new I don't have access to upload to your server, but if you don't mind transferring them there that would be great. BTW, most of them aren't MY work, I just took the photos. I eyeballed the current avatars and it looks like they are a maximum of 150 pixels and I made them all under 25k, so I made them all like that. Please let me know if they need to be smaller. :heee:

EDIT: meh they look too big, I'll leave in the links for a sec and shrink them more, -yay done :bonk:

Cuttlefish at Montery Bay Aquarium
cute squid with bow
squid's beak
Man's best friend (or people eventually look like their pets) :lol:
this squid again
Welcome, Archeopterix! :welcome: Great name, by the way.

Your costume was great; I'm sure you will like it on this site.

Thanks for this!

TONMO.com has a smiley policy (believe it or not)... only the smilies found in our library may be used... contact me directly if you find one you'd like to see added to our library, and I'll have a look!
tonmo said:
Thanks for this!

TONMO.com has a smiley policy (believe it or not)... only the smilies found in our library may be used... contact me directly if you find one you'd like to see added to our library, and I'll have a look!

Whoopsie. :oops: That's not stated in the terms of Service or Privacy Policy. Hope i didn't do anything wrong. :shock: Sorry if I did. :oops:

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