Hi there, from San Diego


Pygmy Octopus
May 27, 2004
I just wanted to say hello and thanks for the great info on your site. I can't wait till I can get the gf to let me have another tank (5 already) so I can have a ceph, likely a bimac. I also wanted to gloat that I will have a never ending supply of crabs as long as the native ones to so cal will work well. They are red/black but I don't know the real name for them. Either way thanks for the info and Hello to all.
welcome to Tonmo ! love San Diego... that is where my wife is from...she is constantly making noise about wanting to move back !
cthulhu77: We all love SD except for the obserd cost of living here. Just remind your wife of that, and tell her the average home is going for over 450,000 now!

Nancy: Where exactly is octopets? I dont plan on getting one soon but it is always nice to look :wink:
Nevermind on where they are, I looked them up, there in Carlsbad so as soon as I convince the gf to add another tanks, wait 3-4 months for a full balanced tank, I might get a couple bimacs.
yeah, a friend of hers just bought a two bedroom, one bath for only 290,000.00 :shock:
we figure our house, out there, would be around a million or so...waaaaayyyy out of my league !

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