Hi All!


Jan 8, 2008

I am a new member to TONMO.I have been keeping Sepia Bandensis for a while now and I would like to aquire some Sepia Officinalis.
Problem being,I live in Vancouver, Canada and I am having difficulty finding a supplier.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier who is willing to ship eggs(preferably) or live young?
I would also be interested in any suppliers of octopus to Canada as well.
Thanks in advance and Best Regards,
:welcome: to TONMO! We seem to have a lot of new Canadian members recently :canada: I think Cuttle King's website said he was raising bandensis in Canada, maybe he could help with this... In general, the "cuttlefish availability" thread is the clearinghouse for cuttle sources, but we haven't seen much officinalis recently at all; someone (Paradox?) looked into that 6 months ago but didn't find any current sources.
order from Europe?

Would it be possible to order cuttlefish eggs and have them shipped from Europe?
Has anyone tried this?
Thanks again.
:welcome: and good luck. How big a tank do you have for S. officinalis? They do best in a circular or at least semi-circular tank. They have a tendency to get "butt burn" where they jet backward into the tank and rub off the mantle on the posterior of their body. Good luck finding them...
420reefer;107672 said:
Would it be possible to order cuttlefish eggs and have them shipped from Europe?
Has anyone tried this?
Thanks again.

I know that cuttlefish are more readily available in europe, and have considered having my Nan (grandma) send me some cuttlefish eggs once I have my tank up and running, but have not looked into this as a serious possibility, I imagine it would have some trouble getting through customs. My suggestion, if you do attempt it, definetly DO NOT try to get live cuttles sent to you from oversees.

Oh Yeah....and :welcome::welcome::welcome:
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

This is a great site!

Cheers to the administrators and thevery knowledgable staff and members.

I have a 210 gallon tank and well over 400 gallon system.It has been up and running for over a year now.The tank is 72"L x 24"D x30"T.Would this tank be suitable for Officinalis?How many might I keep in this tank together.I was hoping to attempt to captive breed this species.

I am also interested in an octopus for my 60 gallon cube tank.does anyone have one for sale.(that they are willing to ship to Canada.Or at least Blain, Washington where I could pick it up.)

Best Regards,
Check out some of the post by Aqua Tech as he is interested in raising cephs for direct sale and is located in Canada. Unfortunately, there is no immediate help but contacting him will show some Canadian interest.

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