hi a few questions


Dec 21, 2005
ive bin on here 4 not very long and i dont no a few things like:

where is tonmo situated?

what is the "tonmocon" like?

where is it held?

is it held on every continent??

what are easier to keep- octopuses or cuttlefish?

is there somewhere i can order cephs in australia??

if you could answer these it would be a great help:biggrin2: :biggrin2: :bonk: :rainbow: :mrgreen: :shock: :razz: :biggrin2: :yinyang: :mrgreen: :twisted: :roflmao: :bonk: :rainbow: :sleeping:

p.s sorry i just love emotes
TONMO.com is ubiquitous! It's located anywhere you have an internet connection :wink:...

What is TONMOCON like? Read this for the review of the first-ever TONMOCON...

Welcome to the community!
Mad, I tell you, mahahahad! :bugout:

Then again, it is the absolute BEST place to go and look for hands on experience in ceph keeping, present company excluded.

I guess you'll just have to bear with us :wink:

:welcome: and enjoy,


PS: Most of the answers to your queries are to be found in the Cephalopod Care fora, but before anything else, I'd like to direct you to Cephalopod Care for a thorough briefing on the topic.
Philly is a great place, Magnus, I guess it's the US' Geheimtip für Kenner when it comes to fine dining! I have spent many a wholesome hour in Mr. Perrier's fine estabishments and the striped bass can count me amongst it's regular customers, also, BUT: the monk's cafe takes the serious biscuit! Not so much for the (exquisite) pub grub, the aforementioned restaurants obviously have much more to offer, but it's one of the few places in the US where you can actually enjoy real beer... Try for instance the Orval: if you care for :beer: you will not, I repeat, NOT, be disappointed! :biggrin2:

Edit: I do understand you're heading for the Carolina's, so get one in while you still can :biggrin2:

Second Edit: For those on the West Coast; an honorary mention of the cannery in San Fran is unavoidable :wink:
ob, I am a great admirer of the zymurgic arts and have found Philadelphia to be one of the best cities in America to enjoy such libations. Next time you're in town, if you can, make the trek out to Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. I can't speak to the quality of their foods, but I've forgotten many a fine evening with the taste of Golden Monkey or Storm King Imperial Stout lingering on my palate in the morning.


Of course, I am bringing my homebrew gear with my to North Carolina. And while that fine state does have some laws on the books that keep the better beers from ever getting in (anything over 6% ABV, if memory serves) there is nothing keeping me from making my own Wee Heavy or Dunkelweisen. :bonk:

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