hey whats up im Skylar!

Oct 15, 2003
hey my names Skylar im a 21yr old male that is in school and very involved in aquariums. i have 5 tanks set up and am setting up an aquaculture system in my garage where im gonna raise my own coral, clownfish and someday octi's (hopefully) as i see it it may not be practical for the last one yet. having to feed them so much everyday would most likely cost more than i would make from selling them. however i am seriously interested in reducing our dependence on the ocean for species and want to make a positive change!
i was amazed aquariums cause a few peole i knew had awesome tanks. but i didnt make the descision to get a tank until one day, when i was in a aqua store they had an octopus! i was captivated by it but at this point was just really cool. i strated playing with it in the container and it reached out to me and sucked onto my hand. ever since then i have been addicted to aquariums and octo's!!! then got into fish and later into coral. but my first love was my little octopus buddies. set up my first tank for them and it went out of control from there!

i look forward to me growing even further than i have and hope that i can someday make a difference by influencing people to buy more captive species! otherwise "one day we will run out!"

i'd like to say hello to everyone and that im interested in all these things and would appreciate any literature you can send me to further my quest for knowledge!

thank you and hello!
:welcome: to TONMO.com Skylar!

I agree that we should all only keep captive bred fishes although it is not possible for some of us YET. Whats more wild caught fish might have been captured using cyanide and might not survive longer.
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