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Blue Ring
Apr 1, 2018
I have a question for any cuttlefish keepers. I have been raising sepia bandensis cuttlefish, and the occasional metasepia Pfefferi in a professional environment for about a year and a half now. Due to time constraints I was always happy to give live food. Now that I am in my home and dont have company materials at my disposal I am realizing how difficult and expensive it is to keep feeding the live food. I have four dwarfs currently. Two that hatched about a month ago, another that is about two months old, and one who is about three months old. The two smallest have very easily transitioned to eating frozen mysis. But the bigger ones are not going for it so easily. The largest, sugarbear knows the food comes from me and begs when she is hungry, but doesnt buy it when I try to convince her that a dead piece of krill is moving and alive. She will eat live shrimp out of my hand, but I havent had much success other than that. The secong largest, Clyde doesnt acknowledge me in the slightest, tho he doesnt ink at me anymore. He isnt fooled by the dead krill either. I was thinking maybe I could start feeding Sugarbear a live and dead krill at the same time and hopefully she will start getting at the frozen food more readily. Any suggestions for her and Clyde?
I do have individually frozen krill from V20 foods. The eyes and upper body are intact, but... That is good tip for the ones that are not intact.