hey guys , help me convicne octopets.com , to place more pic


Aug 21, 2004
more pictures of their animals.

I have heard so many good things about octopets.

I called them one day otu of curiosity to find out how big of a operations he is running and how many octos he had

he told me that right now he has around 2000 eggs , several grown adult octopus, and about 1000 baby octopus and has a 10,000 square foot buildilng ,

I emailed him to encourage him to place some pictures of his octopus and the ones with the eggs ect. and really a person loves to see pictures.

Maybe all of you could do the same by dropping him a note requestiong for there to be more pictures..

p.s i love that first picture of the octopus on his main page
Actually, many of the pics are here on this website, since many of our bimacs and cuttlefish came from Octopets. Octopets links to TONMO.com, so it is easy for people to find more info and photos.


yes i ,now , but ever picture i have looked at is , either dark , or not plailn , Im not gripping , im just sayign that I like the pictures that he has on his site and I wouuld like to see more like his ,ones that are well lit

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