Hey all, Michigander here

Dec 4, 2012
Hey brocephs my name is justin and i am a college student from ann arbor michigan

i recently took great interest in octopi and i am attempting to prepare for one with a next to 0 budget so it'll probably be a while until i actually get one

im not a bio major, scientist, or even avid pet owner, in fact I'm majoring in IA, which is information assurance which is basically computer security

i just really love octopi and would like to have one in my life, i feel i'm pretty intelligent and so if i just prepare and research i should be able to figure it out, with a little help from some very smart, experienced users on here.

i am open to all suggestions and ideas, i live alone, and my apartment is always very dark, i also wake up around noon and stay up until about 6am, so i feel like it would be fun to be able to interact with an octo often at night, and give it live food when i saw it hunting around.

i find it fascinating that most of you can ramble off which family octos are from just by looks, it's also kind of daunting (probably equivalent of me talking over peoples heads with computer babble or something)

anyways currently my life is just sleeping, school, and league of legends (and now researching octopi on a daily basis) thanks for reading i've been lurking for a week now and read lots of your posts and so far i'm very excited, feel free to pm me, i'm a very open and friendly person :smile:

/e if anyone else does play league of legends on the NA servers( i do not have an EU account srry too much lag) feel free to add me on there, my screen name is same as on here BIGMAINELOBSTER and i play around 1500 elo and am willing to play with any level of player


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Sep 4, 2006
:welcome: to TONMO
We have several on-line game players but I don't know the individual addictions :wink:

Starting with the articles is always helpful with both new and old interests in keeping a ceph, then on to the journals. Once you have a feel for keeping an octopus, you can use the List of Our Octopuses 20xx to find journals on specific species (stickies at the top of the Octopus Journals and Photos forum) to read experiences with specific species. Read On ...


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Nov 19, 2002
:welcome: BML!!! I can only reiterate what the others have said about research, be prepared to take quite some time to get set up, you've picked a rather difficult to keep pet (& it can be pricey!). Whatever happens don't be tempted to take shortcuts. Second hand tanks can have contained copper (from fish meds etc) which will kill your octopus quick smart! Buy as large as you can afford for whateer species you intend to keep, it may pay to find out what species are available and plan accordingly. You may very well have to live feed at first until you can (may be able to) train your octi to take dead. Don't be tempted with cheap freshwater feeders, the protein/fat ratio is off and they can't be used as a staple diet (a treat maybe!). It will take your new tank AT LEAST 3 months to cycle, that is grow the correct and sufficient bacteria colonies to deal with waste (ocis produce mega quants!) and keep your water chemistry stable!

I don't mean to sound negative but this is a difficult critter to keep, and if you take it slowly you should have a much better time of it! Good luck from NZ! :biggrin2:


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Nov 17, 2012
I'm from the great state of Michigan too!! I recently moved to NC, but Michigan is my home. Glad you're here and to have a fellow Michigander in this crowd!:heee:

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