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He's gone


O. vulgaris
Mar 25, 2004
How long can a bimac go without eating because I havent seen Florence in 5 days and i fear the worst. I feel like sh*t right now so spare me the guidance i know i messed up really badly and i dont know if i will ever attempt to keep these baeutiful creatures again. But how long can they go without eating? thank you sincerely,
well, here is some guidance anyway...

I am sorry i havnt follwed Florence and you since you got the octopus but if it is a young one then it could dissapera for days and be feeding off amphipods etc.

Have you tried leaving a wee bit of fodd somwhere where you'll know if its been taken?
Hi Bret!
I seem to remember someone on this board who didn't see their octo for 2 weeks and then he re-emerged. How long have you had him? If he's relatively new, could be the case!

I'm confused - how long have you had Florence? Looking at your past posts, it seems you might have had him for some months. In that case, it might be time for egg laying - just a possibility.

hes a few months old and i used to see him everyday but now were going on a week of no sight and i think hes probably gone for good but i will keep my hopes high i guess. I might just keep corals and stuff in there from now on. But thank you for all the guidance tonom has given me in the last few years leading up to the purchase i have laerned alot i guess not enough... Thank you and goodbye,

Brett Larson

you may need to give it more time! Plasma disappeared for a month! and he's fine now! IF your friend had left the tank or indeed died in the tank you would likely SMELL it.......this is the voice of experience!

well that may have been the case for you but there is no food in there for him. I fed him by hand everyday so he hasnt been able to get food. So I dont know how he would be eating...
agreed...nothing smells quite like a dead ceph...quite surely, he is hiding out, and playing pranks...will keep my fingers crossed for you too !

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