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here is a picture of victor, i cant get one of marcus , he wont let me


Aug 21, 2004
but here he is

i think they are getting tired of eating the same kind of snails lal the time

im trying to find somewhere where i can get small crabs or shrimp for a good price but I cant find any thing.

but they seem to be doing good on the 500 snails i got off of ebay , nassarius obseleta


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Hermit crabs:


If you want to save a few bucks, see if they're willing to ship Priority Mail instead of overnight, if you don't mind the risk.


Aquaculture Store

Scroll down and you'll see them, small or large, priority mail shipping included.

Yes, I imagine they're tired of snails and it woud be better for their heath if they had more variety in their diet. Their natural diet is mostly crustaceans.

Try buying a some frozen shrimp, thawing it, and offering your two little bimacs some pieces of shrimp. You might try opening a fresh mussel and offering pieces of that, too.

thanks nancy

yeah im worried about them , im wanting to get some other food in their diet.

i feed my big one , big pieces of shrimp and live crawfish to , but these guys are way to llitle to have somehting to eat yet with big claws like that
hae you gotten food before on that shrimp site and if so w hich package did you get

my octopus are still pretty small , not even as big as a pinp pong ball yet

maybe ill get the hermits though i think its a waste of money as they are TINY when you get them like tha ton ebay , it would take 10 fo fill him up and thats just 10 days of food .
I haven't ordered anything from the Aquaculture store but I have it bookmarked because I've heard good things about them (and they're reasonably cheap!). How large is your biggest now? I plan on getting eBay hermits to complement the clams for my next baby. The Aquaculture store also sells fiddler crabs, so if you're looking for something bigger, that's definately an option!

yeah but the fiddler crabs are expensive lol

yeah i think im going to go the hermit crab route

they are getting tired of the snails and since they are , i can now offer hermit crabs ect. and they will smell them and come out to eat them , w hen i offer them

i think ill get some

its just last time i order crabs on the internet , they didnt ship well at ALL

the shrimp would be kool ,
can they be kept in saltwater though ,
the ones on the site that says they are an inch long ?
I've ordered shrimp from the Aquaculture Store (and fiddler crabs). The shrimp aren't large but make good hunting for your octos. You could dump 50 shrimp into your large tank with no problem. Actually, they make good scavengers but should be fed some good quality flakes, too. Shrimp this size can really only be supplementary food.

Some octos aren't so good at catching them right off and have to learn. As an adult, my bimac became obsessive about the shrimp and worked for a couple of days to catch and eat all of them. She hunted them at night hanging upside down on the water's surface. There were always a couple that escaped (the smartest ones, probably) and lived out their lives in the tank.

You might buy a live mussel at your local fish store and crack it open before placing it in the tank. Jim at Octopets told me he does this for his bimacs and they love it. Fresh scallops are also a possibility.

As for frozen, frozen raw shrimp would be at the top of the list. You can't buy frozen raw crabs - they don't keep well, I've been told. You could try fish, but I'd just go to your seafood market again and ask for tiny pieces as tests. I didn't get much of a response from my bimac when I tried fish, fresh or frozen. I haven't checked whether frozen raw scallops are available.


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