Henry the Octopus

There seems to be a lot more kids shows with octos, I was babysitting a few days ago and they were watching this show on PBS called Arthur,this episode was about the little girl and her fear of octopuses.
Re: Henry the Octopus

corw314 said:
My daughtor discovered Henry this morning, while watching the Disney Channel, The Wiggles. Haven't quite figured out the appeal of this show yet, but she's entralled with it! Carol

I was forced to watch a Wiggles video twice through yesterday while visiting a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Henry is the oddest looking octopus I have ever seen!

The wiggles are immensely popular here in NZ! When they come across the ditch it's wigglemania amongst the under 5's! So much so that our last octopus was Henry and our current one is Mrs Henry!!! Named by Kids!


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