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Jan 3, 2006
im looking for places to buy octos online. octopets looks pretty promising. but what about marinedepotlive or others?? ne suggestions would be incredibly helpful thanx guys
Octopets is very reliable and the bimacs are tank raised. Many of our Tonmo octopuses come from Octopets, so I don't think you'd go wrong there.

A word of warning here: octopus aren't available year 'round like yellow tangs, etc...you may have to wait a substantial period of time before you can even locate one, even the captive bred bimacs aren't available all of the time.

i know octopus' arent hardy in the first place. but are bimacs relatively hardy as far as octopus' go. what are the pros and cons to purchasing a tank raised vs. a wild caught octo??
Captive ones will probably have a lot longer to live - as you know how old they are. Also they are used to the aquarium environment - both in terms of living in a tank, and with feeding.

On top of that of course - you would be promoting sustainable farming methods, so that the animals in the wild are better off. :biggrin2:
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