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HELP! octopus layed eggs!


Blue Ring
Aug 27, 2007
dwhatley;101188 said:
Can you see the eggs well enough to gauge size (use a comparative, pin head, rice grain, snow pea ...) Also, can you count the number of eggs (100, 500, 1000). These are good clues as to whether or not you have a chance at raising some of the young. Generally speaking, the larger the egg and the fewer the number, the greater the chances of success. If they are fertile, and you can see them, you should start to see changes and little eyes develop (regardless of size or number). If you have a camera, photograph the eggs at least once a week and enlarge the pictures on the computer (then post them for the rest of us to enjoy).
They are the size of a small and i mean small piece of rice. There is about a few hundred eggs. When will i be abel to see the eyes in the eggs at how many weeks? I am going on week 2. She is eating great and protecting her eggs.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
From your description, they are of the small egg variety so the best you can expect to do is to photo them once a week an watch for changes as a learning experience (you are more likely to see changes blowing up a photo than with the eye). From everything I have read (and explicit comments from Roy Caldwell in a previous thread) even the large aquariums equipped with experts have little luck trying to tank raise the small egg variety of octopuses.

I was successful in extending my Mercatoris' life by almost 3 months (at least I think I was partially responsible) by keeping her eating both during and after the hatching. Good luck!

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