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help new looking for cuttle


Aug 14, 2008
How can post a new thread i dont see an option for this, or maybe someone can help me find info on cuttle fish my seven year old watched nova the other night and saw a segment about cuttle fishes and he just excited to learn as much as he can about them, been doing searches on the net and not having a whole lot of luck with it, and if anyone knows where i can buy one the price ranges thanks:hmm:


TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004

I moved your post to its own thread. In general, you go to the forum, and there is a "new thread" button... when you're looking at an exiting thread, you don't see it, though...

At the top where it says:

TONMO.com Forums > Cephalopod Care > Cuttlefish Care
help new looking for cuttle

you can click on "Cuttlefish Care" to get to the parent forum, or to see all the forums click on the FORUMS button at the top of the page.

The "Cuttlefish Availability" thread is the clearinghouse for info on sources and prices for cuttles, to give you a rough idea, and there is an article by Thales on keeping Sepia bandensis on the home page.

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