help id please with pictures this time.

bobby a.

Apr 29, 2007
it is dinural and loves to play with my algae magnet..


Very nice photos!

So how large is your octopus? How long are its legs? Does it have much webbing between its legs?

Does it show much color or texture change?

It's not easy to identify octopuses, so a few more photos might help.

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Each legs is 6-8 inches, the body is 2-3 inches and has very small webbing between its legs but not to much.

The color does change to more of a "model" or "paste" white, with a slight texture change of raised bumps. However this is not form stress because it has been observed multiple times under normal resting conditions.
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Definite aw factor. Is the orange color I see in the picture true to one of his/her color changes? I can't help with ID but I know the range of colors is helpful with identification.
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In some ways it reminds me of ocho, who Roy IDed as an unclassified species that he raised one of from a larva, "Octopus sp. 11" in Norman's book ( p.255) see Ocho's 6 Month Update

It looks smaller and a bit less splotchy orange, but I could imagine it being a young one of that species. Or not.
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yeah he changes to that orange when i start taking pictures or he is about to snatch up a crab... he usually has a lot more white but i havnt really gotten a chance to get that color he changes almost instantly..
and he deffinatly is not affraid of me he loves to come out and play with the siphon tube when im doing water changes..... loves to pull the algae magnet off the glass and float on it and then hide it from me.
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