Sep 12, 2004
HI, This is not a hobby of mine! I just found a baby octopus in a seashell!What can I do to keep him alive? What should I do with him? I would love to keep him if it is possible to get a small saltwater tank. Should I take him to a pet store? Take him back to the beach? Or take the adventure and keep him? I just don't want him to die right now, so I need temporary care advice! Thanks!
Not sure... chances are he could be a pygmy at the end of his life. If you are new to this, and you don't have a tank (and got him in the area) you should probably let him go or give him to an octo keeper with experience. I know, it's tempting. But octo's are FRAGILE creatures, and depending where you got him he could be an old adult pygmy- or a GIANT GPO, that will outgrow most home aquaria. He might live a week, to die suddenly and unexpectedly. IMO & IME, you should research an octo THOUROGHLY (sp?) before getting one. Octos, are not like most fish. Sorry if this sounds mean, but they are FRAGILE to a point that cant be stressed enough. Others will give you more info on this point. I'm NOT saying you SHOULDNT get one, quite the opposite. Just not this time. (unless you have a tank ready, than GO ON AHEAD!!!! :mrgreen: ) Try to post a pic. I'll give more info when not skivving off homework. :wink:

P.S. :welcome: to TONMO
P.P.S. You choose whether to pay attention to my advice. For help, lookity here (:wink:) : TONMO Cephalopod Community
Hi and welcome to!

If you don't have a home set up for an octopus, its almost impossible to keep it. You need a saltwater aquarium (and it takes about three months to set one up and have it in shape for your octopus).

Also, Cephkid is right, you don't know the species or how big it will get. You probably live near the ocean in an area that has octopuses, and that might help a little in determining the possible species.

I think it would be better to take it back to the sea, second choice would be to quickly find an aquarium store that would take care of it, or someone with a saltwater aquarium. However, many people keep their saltwater aquarium at a lower salt level than an octo needs and would be keeping fish that would attack a small octo. Even people who are quite successful at reef aquariums don't understand the needs of an octopus without some study.

If you'd like to keep an octo, the best way is to learn from this website, then set up a salt water tank, and when it's ready, get your octopus.

Whatever you do, you must do it quickly!

Where do you live, if you have a tank set up already, we can help determine the species based on your location, which will provide you with more indepth care information.
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