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help fish with octo


Nov 7, 2006
i should be recieving my bimac this weekend. I am really excited. So i hear that it is possible to keep a few species of fish with octo's. But which ones? Iknow damsels are out of the question. but has anyone here had good experiences with tankmates and if so what kind and is there anything to know about coexistence. thanks
Fish and octopus together generally don't work. While someone has a decent experience with them together once and a while, most often the octopus will either eat the fish or the fish will bully the octopus so that it stays in its den and doesn't come out. For this reason the general consensus is that you shouldn't keep them together.

how about corals or starfish. i have seen people say starfish work out ok. i am just looking for some ideas on how to make my 125gallon tank not look so empty . the octo is first priority but it is a large tank.
How about a starfish or a brittlestar (not a green one). You can put plenty of small crabs and snails in the tank., but some of them may get eaten. Then your octopus will probably lose interestin them. Decorate the tank with pretty shells. You can use soft corals, but your octo could damage them as he grows older. A pencil urchin is OK (no urchin with sharp spines) but it eats coralline algae, so I'm not going to try that again!

blennys and yellow watchmen gobies seem to do well with all the octos ive had... they are too fast to catch and are very quick to get away at night. also the eyelash blenny ive got with my vulgaris now is always within inches of the octo to pick up the sucker sheds and leftover food... occasionally the octo will reach out for the blenny but even if he touches it he wont catch it he just likes to push it kindof... they get along great
they will sting him... if you want corals the easiest thing to do since octos dont like bright lights is to just keep low light corals such as leathers, mushrooms, star polyps, encrusting gargonians, and zoanthids.
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