Blue Ring
Apr 8, 2004

A quick hello from me,

I'm thomas, freestyle student in visual arts at the moment, but soon to be undergraduate in biology at university level in the netherlands... Cephs have been of interest to me ever since I saw some while diving in bonaire (carribean). I was lucky enough to see a group of five sepia (in a 'vee' formation) glide by, it was quite a sight I can tell you! Well, their color changing ability has always fascinated me, and I have been planning an (art) installation with that experience in mind for a while now.
Just last week I went to a public aquarium, and got to see a large octopus feeding (from a screw-top bottle!), and this was the last straw for me. A few hours after getting back from the aquarium, I found this site... so here I am!
I have little experience with aquaria, so I am researching only - for now-, and I look forward to exploiting your knowledge :smile: Who knows, maybe, in the future, I will be able to return the favor.


tonmo said:
8) :welcome: Thomas!! Sepia in a vee formation -- extremely cool. About how many would you say there were?

There were five sepia.. My diving instructor told me that he had seen this before... it intrigued me because it suggested complex behavior, which I did not know to expect from such a creature. It was in about 8 feet of water, right in the intertidal. Does anyone have any more info on this behavior? because I remember reading that sepia, like octopuses, are generally more solitary, and what I saw was clearly no mating display.
Welcome to Tonmo...yeah, that cuttlefish bit is interesting...I can see where it would stimulate the artistic neurons!
well I already learned something! turns out I couldnt possibly have seen cuttlefish in bonaire, because there aren't any in the caribbean? and that I probably saw Sepioteuthis spioidea, the caribbean reef squid. I read that mistakes in identifying this species is common, plus back then I knew nothing about cephs...
just thought i'd say that, in case it confuses someone. :oops:

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