Hello! No octopus, but interested


Jun 15, 2004
Hello everyone,

I stumbled on to this website in hopes of finding information on setting up a coral aquarium. I wasn't sure as to what I would place in the tank, but I remembered that my uncle once had an octopus in his tank. He's from Hawaii and caught his own octopus. Anyways, I didn't know there was such an interest in having octopi as pets. I was astounded when I found this webstie. Kudos to everyone here. I'll be reading everything in hopes of informing myself to the responsiblities of caring for an octopus. Best wishes to all and their eight legged friends.
welcome to Tonmo ! lots of us don't have any octos, but still remain fascinated, so it is a perfect site for you !
welcome :smile:

Been a while since i had a ceph too, so there are plenty reasons to hang about

Indeedy, :welcome:

One of these days Neil will find this site, as will Roger Whittaker, and what marvelous conversation we will have. As a complete aside, kind of, we have a new radio station here in New Zealand called 'The Coast', and Neil, Roger, Andy Williams, Neil Sedaka, Tom Jones, and the now late and great Ray Charles, Dean Martin, Elvis & Frank S, to name but a few (a very few), play back-to-back, all day long, without repetition. It's a dream; a refreshing break from all of this crap they pump out today.

... but I'd best stop there

And say :welcome: yet again (and don't listen to any of that Zappa nonsense)
good god...no wonder NZ is so restrictive on who they let in...it's a whole country of people who listen to....aaaaarrrrgggghhhh....Neil !
all of this crap they pump out today

Greg, sounds like Sir Steve is getting old !
"the Coast" plays all the crooners I remember hearing on the "wireless"
as a kid, most of which had to be rejected to keep any credibility. You'd have got lynched on a grass snake hunt humming "Old Durham Town" :bonk:
I did have a "Pinky & Perky" album featuring Andy Williams though :roflmao: Music to watch pork by !

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