Hello my name is Johnney

Mar 9, 2006
:snorkel: I am getting ready to get my first ceph bimac or a cuttle fish. I have been researching for a few months now and the more i learn the more enticed i become. Cephalopods are the coolest things on earth in my opinion! I am going to be an animal biologist someday. I have had tank experience before and im pretty sure i can keep a bimac no problem. I know all the specifics..Like water temp Ph and all that also I bet i would have just as much success with a cuttlefish.:mrgreen: (No Cockiness intended) Want to shed the Larval Mass status and show im worth something :D . Im thinking of the name Zim for a bimac and Quiggler for a cuttle :bonk:
which would be better for a first? Im thinking a bandensis if a cuttle. I have a 75g tank to if that helps make for a desicion.
Few woords of advice.... Make sure you have EVERYTHING right. From water para to the heater. If you do that then you should be fine. I dont know about the cuttles over octopus but i think a cuttlefish would be neat and if they are harder to keep than octi, youll have more experience when you get an octopus.

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