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Steve O'Shea

TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
Re: Diamond

PositivOctopus said:
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Neil is actually one of the albums my friends and I listen to when we kick back. Its odd to find another Diamond fan. Love At the Greek is another one that is just crazy when that hits the turntable.

And I'll raise you a further two absolute classics, Beautiful Noise and the lesser-known (undeniably one of his all-time greatest) Tap Root Manuscript.

PositivOctopus, if you're ever in New Zealand, look us up!


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Positive Mental Octopus,

That is a Chilli's album, that where you get your name>?
Nov 6, 2003
Good brain!

Wow Colin! Good going. Yes, actually it is tied in with the Chili Pepper camp. It's not an album(at least an official relase) but rather a video they put out a few years ago. The entire name was Positive Mental Octopus. I don't have it, and in fact I think its out of print. There is something with that band and octopi though. Their guitarist, John Frusciante has a great tattoo on his arm of one, and then on ebay the today there was a Chilli Peppper patch with an Octopus wrapping its arms around the logo. Too bad I don't do ebay :roll: So, who knows. I liked how it sounded, then modified it a little. Perhaps if I get a band together one of these days we can be called PositivOctopus.

Yes Steve, if I am ever in the land of Zea I will indeed look you up for some rockin' Neil time. Did he tour there this past year. I know he did an expansive statewide tour. Alas, missed it.

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