Hello, From The Great White North...Eh!


Jan 9, 2017
Saint John, NB, Canada
My name is Robert Pierce, I live on the east coast of Canada in New Brunswick. I am new to the Cephalopod World. I've been a Reef Keeper for about 2 years now, actually in process of expanding to a 60 Gallon. Wanted to trying keeping an Atlantic Pygmy Octopus, but literally got shamed by my group of reefer up here.
I am looking for a Excellent place to ask question and educate myself before I take the plunge. This place seems to be it.

:cuttlehi: I like to suggest that all new keepers read through this set of prior posts in the Posts with info for New Octo keepers thread to kind of correct some of the information disseminated by hearsay. Do take to heart the link on species selection/availability as it is critical to understand that obtaining an octopus is not like buying other animals and most often, the vendor has no clue what species they have for sale. All the stickies in the Octopus Care forum are worth the read and the Articles section consolidates a lot of information in a direct source.

How big is your current tank and will you be keeping it running as you set up the 60? A 60 gallon tank will be too large to enjoy (and possibly feed) a dwarf (should you be able to obtain one, they are not as commonly found as the once were and living in Canada will make it harder to acquire). If you will only be keeping the 60 then a larger species would be more appropriate (be sure to read the Tankmates link). What you are most likely to find in a LFS will be an imported Indonesian octopus in the abdopus family. The basic care would be the same but this animal is more active, better suited to the larger tank and more likely to be available.

If some of the past comments you have received need clarifying, please feel free to ask about the value/validity, we do see a lot of disinformation and no question is considered odd or inappropriate to ask.
Hello Robert, As a reef keeper myself I ran into some of the same issues from other reef keepers. This is all because they know nothing about keeping Cephs. I keep a few systems running and all are reefs. There are a few corals that do not work well with cephs but all softies accept Palys are fine. LPS and SPS are fine but a little hard to keep since most cephs are pigs and you will end up with some N03 but I have kept some easy SPS with them. If you want to keep corals in the tank list the corals here so we can verify they are ok. I kept some strong palys with an octo and all was ok but when the octo touched them he jerked back pretty fast. I am sure there is a list in the link D shared.
Well I am back to scratch as my family was involved in an apartment fire; lost everything. My buddy owes me and will give his Marineland 60 Gallon Cube with a 20 Gallon Sump, basically his whole set up except fish.
So if there is a list of corals that are OK, please direct me of include a link.
Thank You


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