Hello from Reef2Reef

Welcome to TONMO, @William Chiavetta! Reef2Reef is an awesome community; glad you're here. I run this website (for the past 24 years :old:), yet I am not an expert in ceph keeping or cephalopods -- I just think they're amazing and am glad to bring like-minded folks together for old-school community-style discussions.

As for where to get started, for THAT, I can help. A few considerations:
  • Check out our many articles on cephalopod care and keeping:
  • Peruse thousands of threads in our Cephalopod Care forums; here's a link to that category. All the forums are great, but do make a point of looking through Tank Talk. Saltwater tanks are hard enough -- and given the touchy nature of ceph-keeping, a stable environment is crucial. I've seen recommendations to ensure a tank is cycled with live rock, etc., for 6 months and confirmed stable before attempting to acclimate a ceph.
    Cephalopod Care
  • Feel free to reply to any existing thread, or start new threads with specific questions or to simply start up a discussion on a ceph-related topic.
  • Also, be sure to have a look at our forum guidelines, which includes consideration for ceph care:
Thanks for joining! :welcome:
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