Hello from Montreal

Mar 10, 2004
Hello all,

I'm an Octopus/Squid/Lovecraft enthusiast from Montreal, Canada. I've been drawing octopuses and squid for a very very long time, can't seem to stop..... I can see that i'm in good company here though.......it's not an obsession.....no. I put up some octo-type illustrations in the gallery, check 'em out.

Still freakin out about the live Architeuthis photos.....awesome.

:cyclops: ctoslave.
Welcome Octoslave, and THANKS for those awesome images of your artwork that you added to the Gallery... :notworth: You rule.
Thanks for the welcome....I'll be uplaoding a picture of my octopus tattoo once i find the image. It's here somewhere.....man, i don't wanna do the uncomfortable stretch over the scanner again...

:cyclops: ctoslave
Melissa said:
Welcome, Octoslave!

Your trap door picture reminds me of the photoshopped Chilean shoggoth Phil posted. :goofysca:


Heh heh heh...looks like something i spat up this morning.....oh did i say that out loud, no that's my unholy master made physical in our irrelevant mortal world. Worship him....Love him......cough cough cough.

Ah well I tried.

:cyclops: ctoslave
Melissa said:
Having come back to read your post, I realize I may have seemed unappreciative. This is not the case at all! I'm rather fond of scary monsters, and you've got that down pat!


:mrgreen: Melissa, don't sweat it....did'nt take it that way.

Squids of the world unite and take over...

:cyclops: ctoslave