Hello from Colorado


Jul 15, 2004
Not too close to the ocean here, but have always found octos and relations to be interesting. The only cephs I've ever owned have been fossilized (I was a geology major).

I will probably mostly lurk, but perhaps post occasionally if I have something of interest to say.

Greg :welcome: , don't be shy Fossils & History is where it's at (according to Phil anyway), all my cephs are very hard, very dead & very old & Phil's & Kevin's &........... blah blah. :D & we have some great theories !!
Welcome Greg

i tend to work with cephalopods pre-fossilisation but feel free to chime in and browse any of our 'live ceph' forums too :)
Thanks! I do have a small freshwater aquarium that unfortunately had some deaths a while back. It's currently rather sparsely populated. I don't think I'm ready for an octo quite yet!

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