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Helllp! I Almost Had An Overflow!!!


Jan 1, 2004
Well i was just downstairs watching some tv and my sister tells me i had a leak or somethnig in my tank. Apparently, the nylon i put on the bottom of my powerhead got clogged and wouldnt keep the siphon on my overflow box going. So we took that off and now i have nothing to put in there. Sponges were ok but it was hard to get the right size to put in the bottom . The pantyhose i put on it got clogged. Its all good now but i need something to put on the sucking part (or bottom as i reffer it as) so that my fish dont get sucked up, like a previous one did a while back. Please answer me as fast as you can.


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
A new piece of nylon!!!!!

Anything you put on will eventually get clogged! Make it part of your routine to check the mesh. If you take it off say when you do a water change and rinse it in the old water it will last longer! But eventually it will need to be changed.

good luck



Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Some people use plastic screen from the hardware store. I find the plastic mesh vegetable bags (especially those from small cluster tomatoes) very useful. I rinse them carefully in fresh and then rinse them again in salt water. I weave these in and out of my overflow holes - they can also be used like a little bag around an intake.

Other ideas for material are the mesh from fish nets and using a small carbon bag over an intake. The weave of panty hose is too fine - you need something with bigger holes.