Hello Musca,

And, let me say that I agree with you. I may be slavishly devoted to Mike Mignola's original comics, but it was a very solid adaptation. The sight gag involving kittens in peril was priceless, and Ron Perlman was perfectly cast.

Makes you look forward to the Guillermo del Toro production of "At the Mountains of Madness," don't it?


Clem sapien
I was hesitant about the adaptation - Mignola's art was the draw for me when I picked up the original comics - and I have yet to see it (hopefully this Thursday) but I'm very glad it's doing well, and I wish everyone involved in the production luck. I sent del Toro a copy of my band's Hellboy homage song "Ogdru Jahad" but it wasn't used (not surprisingly, really). Maybe...just maybe...our "Shoggoths Away" will get into the credits of "At the Mountains of Madness." Can't wait to see those cgi giant penguins.

Well im a huge fan of the comic book. I've been reading it for a long time now. I was worried about the film adaptation. I knew it was in capable hands though, Del Toro has made some great films. Devil's Backbone is a really beautiful story and film. Also I was happy that Mignola was heading up all the visual concept work, but Mignola is a comic book creator not a film maker. The film, in alot of ways is missing the mood and simplicity that the comic book has always had.

All in all, the Hellboy film was entertaining if not a great film. The make-up was really top quality, as one would expect when Rick Baker is involved. The Kroenen make-up in particular was astounding.

The giant Lovecraftian demons at the end of the film were also a highlight. Holy Tentacle Apocalyse!

Lets hope that "At the mountain of madness" breaks the streak of awful Lovecraft film adaptations.
I saw it Sunday, pretty good, I first saw Pearlman in Quest For Fire, and now I got to see him in a speaking roll. In the sewer scene, I could've sworn I saw the Right Hand of Doom become the Left Hand of Doom.
OctopusV said:
I saw it Sunday, pretty good, I first saw Pearlman in Quest For Fire, and now I got to see him in a speaking roll.

I strongly recommend checking out City of Lost Children for some classic Perlman. Of course, he was in Star Trek: Nemesis as well, and let's not forget...Ice Pirates. Did you also know that he does the voice of Clayface on the Batman/Justice League cartoons?

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