he would'nt let go.

Dec 15, 2007
when I fed Olorin today he grabbed my hand again but this time he would'nt let go...it was pretty cool!:cool2:


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Rigby loves to grab my hand but when my fingers get to the middle of him (where his beak would be) I get nervous... should I be or should I just let him touch... one day i pulled away and he turned dark with red eyes... but i still had to give him his dinner...
when it gets that close(like in the last pic)I just pull my hand away gently, using a slow steady motion.He seems to "understand" i'm done.When I use short movements he pulls back.
Octane keeps thinking about exploring my fingers but has only barely made contact. She will hang around at the top of the tank when I try hand feeding (usually after she has been fed so the offering is withdrawn if she does not take it) and has more interest in my fingers than the shrimp. So far she almost imperceptably touches my fingers (I would not even know it if I was not watching). One of the first days in the tank she did reach out and touch my hand once and it scared her back into her den but now she is showing curiosity and does not flee but does not make definite contact. It is very hard to explain to people not interested in ocean life how exciting it is to be the object of an octopus' curiosity ;>)
Even when I use a feeding stick he will take the food,and with the other arms he still grabbs for my hand.I've only had him alittle over amonth but every day he gets alittle more interactive.Its alot of fun.
I have looked at that post but i just don't know if he is just being curious or wants to eat me... he will just ignore the food and grab me and try to take to me into his shell but sometimes this goes on like 3 times and then i can just stick the food in his mouth and pull away and then he is visably mad...
I have always been cautious because I am afraid of reacting to the bite. If you are allergic to bee stings, I think the theory is you will also be to an octopus bite. I feel it's better not to be bitten. My daughter was but she only got two small slice marks on her finger. Never evolved into anything more than that.

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