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Have you ever eaten octopus or squid/calamari?


O. bimaculoides
Dec 21, 2002
grilled octopus with ouzo (kind of like sambuca) is my favorite but of all the places I had it nothing can come close to the way they make it in Greece but even there you have to find the place that still buys them local not frozen from Egypt
Calamari is good
For the first time in Crete last year I had stuffed cuttlefish this thing was amazing
I used to cach my own octopus beat it on a rock for 1/2 an hour ( thats how you get it nice and soft) and take it home to my aunt to cook it for me when I was a kid durring summer vacations in Greece but since I started keeping them as pets 3 years ago I cant get myself to kill them but I still eat them

a rabid squid

Oct 6, 2004
i love eating squid, octo is ok, but cuttlefish is my favorite. ive only had cuttlefish a few times because i think theyre too smart to be harvested in huge quantities, but catching a few is good. squid, however are probably the best to harvest because of the sheer amount of them.


Nov 9, 2003
I have had squid, octo and cuttlefish. The best was bbqed cuttle in Thailand. The worst was also in Thailand. Squid Jerky :yuck: :yuck: My traveling partner loved it, and nearly made me puke on the 2 hour taxi ride back just by opening the bag every 10 minutes for another handful. Second worst thing I have ever had in my mouth, the worst being pure rose oil (don't even ask me to remember that one).

Speaking of which, those of you that are going to make it to the Monterey TONMOcon will be delighted, or digusted, to know that one of my chef friends has offered to give us a menu at his restaurant of nothing but squid. That particular restaurant sells more squid than any other in the US. They have 12 different preperations on the menu and sell something like 6 million pounds a year!!! :shock: :shock:
Mar 23, 2005
In Nice our family ordered pizza Nicoise. You eat what the locals eat,right? When it came the pizza was covered with little tiny whole baby octopi, no bigger than quarters, including the diameter of the tentacle spread. I think every one of us felt slightly ill, they were so darned cute, but manfully, or womanfully, as the case may be, we pressed on and ate the pizza, rubbery whole baby octopi and all. I WILL NEVER AGAIN EAT OCTOPUS! I feel so guilty! Sob, I'm a cannibal!


TONMO Supporter
Feb 15, 2003
Hmmmmm i wonder if steve has any sample worthy archi flesh come this summer....... i might be willing to try it if theres something to wash it down with... (and something nearby if it boomerangs)

of course customs might have issues with bringing animal parts into the country.....
Aug 10, 2003
o good grief, why do so many people get such a charge out of eating things that taste like chicken?! I never was too big on chicken myself, except for a short buffalo-wing phase. But that was only cuz of the sauce.
Anyway, I've been vegan for a couple of years, now.
Aug 10, 2003
Oh, and I must say, as fascinated as I am with all of these creatures, and as devoted as I am not only to the promotion of veganism but even, if lacking that, a kosher diet, I don't tend to be viscerally appalled by the thought of people eating them... with one exception: those who talk of eating cuttlefish! That one definitely trips the "how-could-you?!!" trigger in my limbic system. After seeing all their delightful social behaviors, including with humans, the beauty, the grace, the cuteness, the sense of thought processes going on--right up there with pigs and dogs and cats, I say... just like looking at a picture of an Asian market with a cage full of cats. Can't hate on the people cuz I know they're not being malicious & I don't actually equate the animals with people, but sheesh, y'know?


Apr 19, 2005
Hi friends!

I'm from Italy and I don't understand anything about acquarium...
BUT in my Town ( southern part of Italy, called Bari) we eat raw octopus and cuttlefish and peoples like them very much.


For this reason I'm thinking about a new kind of breeding: octopus and/or cuttlefish.

Surfing on the WWW i reached this site today and I would like to ask you some help about this business idea I got.

There are some other exeprinces of cuttlefishes breeding ?
Do you think is it possible?

We pay about 30 US$/Kg for fresh octopus!!! My be a good business I think.

I do not mean any harm...

Thank you.

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