Hapy Birthday Phil

:birthday:, Phil!!

Here's hoping you stay indestructible for at least 35 more years.


(I'm gonna get pretty sloshed in your honour. My gift to you shall be the knowledge that someone, somewhere, is suffering from a worse hangover than yours.)
Thanks chaps! Given the time zone difference, it's now 03:00 here on the 2nd May and I've to go to work (on my birthday) all day in less than 5 hours.

Nonetheless, here is a photo of my local pub, the Louis Armstrong in Dover. Hopefully should get a few more people out there tomorrow night......not that any of them understand my interest in cephalopods...

I'm only 35. Is that old? Must check my statoliths.......
Happy Birthday dude! I'll toast you as soon as the guests arrive!
35? you whippersnapper! :lol:
.... remember that old programme, Logan's Run (something like this). You'd best grow eyes in the back of your head!
ARG! i somehow missed these threads.....

Phil, may many more ancient cephs find you and your liver continue to serve you well...

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