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Happy as a clam???


Pygmy Octopus
Jun 2, 2004
I was at a local fish market that sold live steamer clams. I thought, "What the hell", and bought a 1/2 a pound and dumped them in my tank. No octo yet. Do these guys need special lighting like the exoctic clams? I doubt it cuz they luv to be under the sand.

Has anybody got these guys to survive, or better yet, reproduce?
this would be awsome if they do the nasty cuz it's feed my little octo when i decide to get one.

Anybody have an exp. with this?
....I'll tell ya one thing, those ain't no hippopus or tridacna! That is, if they're alive in an octo tank. I have 400w PC full-spectrum lighting with my clam about 6" under the water and STILL partially bleaches occasionally.

Anyhoo, they'll need direct feedings of phyto, about 400ppm calcium, pH 8.3-8.5ppm, strontinum 6-10ppm, and iodine 0.04-0.08ppm, to ensure health quality!....er....whoops, that's tridacna and hippopus. Post some pics: I can likely tell you what it needs from a pic of the shell and mantle. To be honest, the way I can tell, is the growth scutes, and how flourecent the mantle is. Siphon pics would help too.
Well, the mantle has zero floresents and the siphon is a "double" if you get my drift. Of the nine clams that I bought for $1.50 7 of them have burrowed under the sand, 2 remain partially exposed. These guys are from the genius "Yummy Soup" lol, they are common steamer clams like you get from the grocery store.

There is no octopi in this tank. This is my reef tank, so I hope I can get these clams to reproduce so I can have a stable staple food for my soon to have octopus.
keep a close eye on them.. if one goes the resulting decaying clam could cause the rest to go... have you done an ammonia test recently?
Is there a guide to keeping basic feeder clams? I am picking up tid bits of information here and there but at this point I do not think I could make it work.

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