Hannibal Buress on Broad City, Working with Will Ferrell, and Avoiding Octopus ... -...


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Sep 4, 2006
This is the only octopus reference but cute.

Is there anything that's too controversial to tackle in your act?
No. Uh...octopuses. I don't really do much octopus humor. It just kind of gets people the wrong way, because this is the thing, man. Everybody has their own feelings about octopuses, whether it's pro or con, so I don't want to take a position either way. Because if I'm taking a position, I'm alienating people on the other side of the issue. So that's kind of what I choose not to do. I don't really address octopuses, because if you're talking about octopuses it's just money out of the bank because that's more fans I could've had and I just don't want to lose it.