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Got my octo from Octopets... sweet

a rabid squid

Oct 6, 2004
ok i got my octo yesterday from octopets and i think he doing ok exept for the fact that hes not eating. i think my food is too big. its ok ill just find some smaller food.
mine didnt eat for the first couple of days at first but then he came around. at first i fed him things smaller then him. now he eats crabs that are bigger than he is. i take the claws off if there bigger just to er on the side of caution. dont worry he'll come around. and congrats on a new octo.
hmmm that might be a little too big. especially if hes a baby. you could try a turbo snail, or maybe some blue legs..hermit crabs that is. anyway best o luck.
Yes, small hermit crabs would be good and your LFS probably stocks them. You could also try a small piece of frozen shrimp, thawed of course.

Have a look at the Journals and Photos forum, the thread at the top called List of Our Octopuses - you'll find names of present and past octos and maybe that will inspire you!

i think the smaller ones with bigger eggs. (theres confusion between bimaculoides and bimaculodes or however you spell it)

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