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got a new 150gal what to do?

Apr 29, 2004
hello, 2 weeks ago i got a 150gal 48'' long 24'' wide 31'' high for 75$. now im new to cephs and i was JW is my 150 is ok for an Sepia officinalis. Also
is a 700$ skimmer needed or can i get a sea clone skimmer and 2 canister filters? thx for your time.

Hi Brian,

What is this very expensive skimmer? You might want to do some research on the Seaclone, because it does not seem to be well liked by many of its users. You do need a good, over-spec skimmer.

We recommend at least a 180 for a S. officinalis. It's large as an adult, and 4 feet doesn't give it much room to swim.


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