got a briareus out of the blue but...

Feb 24, 2005
well im in the middle of class today and i get a phone call from a friend who has a fish store 45 min. away saying that he has a briareus for me and to come and get it. so i leave class drive to sumter and pick it up. i get home and drip for like 45 min while i move all the fish from the reef tank into a 55 and prepare the 125 for the octo. when the octo finished dripping i put it in a 20 until i finished(now while i was dripping and for 2 hours while in the 20 it looked great) then things decided to go down hill. just before reloacating him to the 125 he began to get the white corkscrew tenticale look. right now he is sitting in the 125 where i left him white, with the corkscrew look still. occasionally it flails its arms around then sits for a few minutes. i really hope it will pull through and make it. it kindof arrived off guard and i wasnt ready but im trying to make due and keep it alive. i will keep yall updated on its progress
well day 1

he doesnt look as bad in the corkscrew department but its still there.
he has also been moving around a little bit occasionally and his breathing has gone from the fast heavy to the slow lighter normal breathing which leads me to believe that he is recovering maybe. also unlike last night his color changes have come back and dont have white patches in them. he still looks like he doesnt have much strength though and hopefully that will come back too. oh yeah and he is still white most of the time unless he sees me then he just flashes reddish brown.
Sounds like he was really stressed. How long did the shop have him? Has he eaten yet? If you take a pic, make sure you don't use the flash. That would just add to his stress....Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

only a few hours and they left him in the shipment bag. he doesnt look good at all this morning i might have to put him out of his misery. he is all white, upsidedown and breathing is random. well i dont know what caused this but i guess its time to do some extensive testing and water changes again. and start looking for another.
Sounds like wrong octo at the wrong time and place to me, judging from what I've read in these fora surrounding initial care and such, you've basically done everything right. Nothing to blame yourself for.

Miraculous recovery by now, or "the inevitable end" as feared?
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