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good sand sifter?


Nov 26, 2008
what would be a good sand sifter besides the ss starfish? i never knew before reading a few days ago that they have a habit of starving. and i think that is what happened to the last one i had. :sad: thanks.
Kinda coincidental I just learned that too :smile:. I love my conchs... I think all of them will stir the sand however I'm not sure if some wont, try a small queen conch. Otherwise, I love watching sand sifter goby's and have heard that they do a great job, only problem is they need a large sand bed otherwise can starve...
you could get a tiger tail cucumber, black sand-mopping, or the generic cucumber. Those types don't have the "cuke nukes" when they die. And unlike the donkey turds, you can tell.

Porcelain, emerald, and Sally Lightfoot crabs
most hermit crabs
Turban and bumblebee snails
Watchmen Gobies, Engineer Gobies, and orange marked Gobies also make good sand sifters.
who sells conchs? and i dont think any sort of crab would last very long in the merc tank. :nyah: i was thinking of getting a cucumber.
Pretty much any LFS should carry at least fighting conchs, you might have to work harder for a queen, but they'll do a better job of sifting then a fighting conch IME. Most online vendors carry them too if you want to go that way...

here's a few I found

lttle bear conch: http://www.saltwaterfish.com/site_1...ategory=4&category_search=63&root_parent_id=4

queen conch: http://www.marinedepotlive.com/ps_V...ew&idProduct=ML0641180-01&idCategory=INSNQCOS

fighting conch: Tonga Fighting Conch - Nassarius species - Nassarius Snails

I think if you want these in an octo tank, then a cucuber is probably the way to go, but I'm not sure...
that's what I was wondering and was hoping for someone with experience to chime in, hence saying that I think a cucumber might be better.... I think it all depends on the octo...
Unfortunately, Live Aquaria no longer lists the aquacultured queens (not just out of stock but does not list them at all). They do have several other varieties though. The fighting is supposed to be a good aquarium conch (fighting does not refer to its nature). I don't think the mercs can hurt them. OhToo (much larger octo) could not defeat the operculum in my large Turbo after trying for three days (I decided the snail won it's freedom and moved it after that as it has lived through several creatures in its tanks). Proportionately, the red footed or fighting would be even larger and more difficult for the merc.
If the crabs are small enough and the ceph is big enough, you can keep hermits and octos together. I was listing everything I have kept before, not just things that could be kept with cephs because it all depends on the octopus you are getting.

Oh, and I put donkey turd instead of donkey dung, sorry.
well i put 10 hermits in tonight. she (?) came out and grabbed 5 of them. the 2nd time ive seen it out in the month ive had it.

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