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Blue Ring
Nov 10, 2004
I know this has already been discussed!

However, we are thinking about the rock we will put into our tank. I keep reading that it needs to be glued into place (superglue is non-toxic etc I have read) but, surely that means that we have to have already bought all the live rock we want to use and have glued it in place before we put any water in the tank???

And if so, how do we go about adding any more when the tank is up and running? What is the procedure (if any) for adding secured rock to an already inhabited tank? And does live rock not die if you dry it out to a 'glue-able' state?

Sorry for the ignorance (and all the questions) - just want all the info we can get :smile:
I've never glued 2 pieces of live rock but I have glued gorgonians to pieces of rock. The type of superglue I used was for aquariums and needed to be cured underwater - was very quick. So I took both parts out of the tank and put them quickly into a large container of similar salt water. I did my glueing and curing there, then put the glued piece into the the tank.

your lfs should carry the ac (superglues) and the thicker epoxy paste adhesives...good idea about gluing them in a seperated container...never thought of that ! :oops:
i too have heard a lot and would find glueing very useful for ataching corals near the bottom or where there is not 'holes'

wouldnt it just flow everywhere whn you squirt it and how will it dry underwater???
All instances I know of the rocks are glued together but not attached to the glass. You're talking about glueing them down to the glass, or am I misunderstanding this?

The epoxy sold in fish stores is a paste that is mixed together and then applied with a small plastic putty knife...
Hey Naomi&Joe,

You want Milliput, its the two part epoxy resin that you squash together to make an adhesive thats bein spoke of above.

You can get it from your LFS or from a plumbers merchant.

You may aswell go for the newer stuff which is purple as opposed to greyish white, then it wont stand out like a sore thumb prior to coraline algae growin over it.

If you get it from a plumbers merchant (or anywhere for that matter) DONT get the superfine, it'll cock your water up :shock: seriously

an DONT go over board an stick all your rock in same day or even weekend, you'll cock all your water up again. This will just over load the system with loads of fine particles an mnake it misty. Not woth the hassle. Just do it over a couple of weeks.

Better safe than sorry :biggrin2:

BTW its about 4-5 quid a tube

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