Gimme Gimme Octopus = Kure Kure Takora (A Japanese Kids Show)

I used to run that on the big video-projection systems during my Mighty Cthulhu revivals - I always assumed that's kind of how the world would look after the Great Old Ones return, except that they'd be running around atop fields of skulls like in the future parts of the 'Terminator' films.
Cephalopods have a very unique place in Japanese culture, besides being a main course. To end a presentation I ran on squid (yes, the infamous Wildlife Conclave incident), I showed a picture of a Japanese wresting show where a guy was getting headbutted by a huge walking squid. I said "Either we manage the oceans or they manage us".

Cthulhu calls.

And he ain't using AT&T...
No doubt. Best Japanese pro-wrestling giant squid vs. giant octopus vs. giant mantis shrimp epic ever made.


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