Giant Squid in the news (except it ISN'T a Giant Squid)

Jul 11, 2005
Hello all. I got a Google News alert for Giant Squid today from a boat race.

Imagine my joy when the search engine had picked this phrase to display:

"As the fleet fly east across the southern ocean, sightings of wildlife have been reported by every team with talk of giant squid, albatross and whales".

But on clicking through, it doesn't sem to be Archi.

"The first of the wildlife reports came in from ABN AMRO ONE (Mike Sanderson) relating their giant squid tale. The six foot squid attached itself to ABN AMRO ONE’s rudder, forcing the sailors to cant the boat over even further to lift the windward rudder out of the water and allow the squid to untangle itself".

Sailor's yarn? What do you think?

Full report here:
We had a brief talk about the 2003 'encounter' on this old thread:

[News]: Giant Squid Attacks French Boat - BBC News

A giant squid attacks a yacht during the Jules Verne Trophy race? Yep, I'm sure it did. This new incident involving a Dutch boat sounds like good-natured one-upmanship to me. I bet the crew claimed the story as a joke as a nod to the crew of the Geronimo.

If any pictures of this new incident emerge, I'll eat my hat.

Oh, here's photographic proof of a third incident in Feb 2004 involving yet another boat.
Wow! Squid seem to be problematic to boats. I'm sure they are mistaking the boats for giant humans, tho. I wonder how long it will take for giant cuttles to begin attacking 6 gill sharks, or better yet, orca! :goofysca: and then begin attacking boats in their insatiable quest to take over the 7 seas!

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