Giant fossil squid gladius found!


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Nov 19, 2002
Hot news just in!

Attached is a picture of Apriloteuthis giganteus that I have just received from a worker on the excavation site. I am not at liberty to divulge more at this time, save to say the location is Australia and the squid gladius is thought to be 25 meters or so long.

It is quite likely that this gigantic late Cretaceous cephalopod fed on marine reptiles and could spray gallons of ink at a time.


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5 point penalty for not using the London bus icon.
Do I get my points back now Monty?


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Oh, I suppose. Isn't "kraken" supposed to be so-called because it resembles a giant uprooted tree?

say, did any of you know that if you type "current time in London" into the google search box, it tells you what time it is in the UK. Who'd'a thunk?
Danno;113954 said:
Aw wait a minute, this isn't some April fools joke is it? The timing and all.

Well, it's a fossil, so it must have been around sometime before April 1st, right? Unless it's a relatively recent fossil. Of course, it could have formed on an April 1st sometime during the cretaceous. If only we had more accurate dating methods...