Genetically engineered fish!

Jeez Tony...that was fast! Are you working for the New World Order??? :shock:

Hey Clem...just think, you could feed your octos jellyfish-fish. That could cure your sense of hatred! :lol:
it was only a matter of time... this has been coming for a while and adds another fish to the likes of the parrot fish, flowerhorn, painted disco glassfish, blue botia and so on and so on.... all of these fish are either injected with dye or have been selectively bred into monsters! Frankenstine would be happy :smile:

Also avoid the pH fish! Danios altered to change colour between a low pH and high pH

I am strongly against these fish being sold. Dunno about the USA but I dont think they'll last long in the UK
Could they use this technology, I wonder, to make me glow in the dark? :P Because that would be cool. The fish may not have been given a choice, but as an acknowledgdly (is that a word?) sentient being, I have the free will to make the choice for myself. Although my own body glowing in the dark might keep me up at night....... :wink:
Some 400 glow in the dark javan rice fish were confiscated here by the local authorities as they fear when released, they might cause/do some damage to the local ecosystem
just in case you were interested

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